АстрониумAstronium is a rare resource in Astroneer. It is generated on all planets, near the planetary cores and satellites. Astronium appears as rainbow-colored clusters resembling grapes, transitioning from green in the center to magenta on the edges.

Astronium deposit

Sylva SylvaFound ✓
Desolo DesoloFound ✓
Calidor CalidorFound ✓
Vesania VesaniaFound ✓
Novus NovusFound ✓
Glacio GlacioFound ✓
Atrox AtroxFound ✓


Astronium can be used in the Trade Platform to obtain various items.

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  • How to obtain Astronium in Astroneer?
    Astronium can be obtained on any planet by using the Terrain Tool. Simply aim it at Astronium deposits and extract them. When enough clusters are accumulated, the resource “Astronium” will appear in the inventory.

Interesting facts

  • If you place Astronium in the Research Chamber, you will receive 500 bytes upon its full analysis. The research speed will be 200 bytes per minute.