Atrox – a radioactive planet in Astroneer with a toxic atmosphere and aggressive flora. It has many clouds, which prevents sunlight from reaching the surface. The planet is very dark and inhospitable for survival and searching for valuable resources on the surface. In these conditions, there are many dangerous hazards that shoot explosives and will try to harm you. The soil is very rocky, and it’s better not to venture into caves without a level 3 drill.

Atrox is ideal for harvesting helium, which is necessary for crafting Nanocarbon Alloy. Other than that, it is advisable for beginners to refrain from surviving on this planet. Both the surface and caves are difficult to navigate but rich in valuable research items.

Generation of natural resources

compound_enCompound CompoundAll planets
resin_enResin ResinAll planets
clay_enClay ClayAll planets
organic_enOrganic OrganicAll planets
graphite_enGraphite GraphiteAll planets
ammonium_enAmmonium AmmoniumAll planets
quartz_enQuartz QuartzAll planets
laterite_enLaterite LateriteAll planets
astronium_enAstronium AstroniumAll planets

Generation of atmospheric resources

nitrogen_enNitrogen NitrogenSylva Sylva - 100
Vesania Vesania - 75
Atrox Atrox - 50
methane_enMethane MethaneAtrox Atrox - 100
Novus Novus - 75
sulfur_enSulfur SulfurCalidor Calidor - 100
Atrox Atrox - 75
helium_enHelium HeliumAtrox Atrox - 25
Activating the core of Atrox: HYDROGEN

Information and activation of Atrox

Atrox has six Gateway Engines located at the poles and equator. To initiate the core activation process, you need to activate at least one engine with a power of 30U/s and maintain it for 30 seconds. After that, descend to the core of the planet and place Vesania in the activation chamber to obtain the Geometric Triptych. Once the triptych is inserted on the other side of the core, the planet will activate, and you will be able to teleport to a Gateway or an unknown satellite.

Renewable energy

  • Solar power: low
  • Wind power: low


  • Is the soil not drillable?
    For Atrox, you need to create a level 3 drill mod or install a level 3 drill on the rover.
  • How to activate the blue structures (gateways) on the planets?
    These are Gateway Engines, and to activate them, you need to supply 30 U/s of power to the engine for 30 seconds.