Calidor – the second most challenging planet after Sylva. Calidor has a moderate atmosphere and a sunny, dry surface, resulting in a more rocky terrain. To drill on Calidor, you will need a Drill Mod or a Drill on a rover. The surface is scattered with wide and shallow craters that do not hinder transportation on a rover. The primary resource on Calidor is Wolframite, which can be smelted into Copper.

Calidor is interesting for exploration. To process scrap metal, it’s better to descend into the mines since there is very little scrap on the surface, such as broken platforms and modules. Along the way, explore the protrusions on rocks, which will reward you with some Research Bytes. Try not to dig them up unnecessarily, as the protrusions can infinitely generate on their respective rocks.

Generation of natural resources

compound_enCompound CompoundAll planets
resin_enResin ResinAll planets
clay_enClay ClayAll planets
organic_enOrganic OrganicAll planets
graphite_enGraphite GraphiteAll planets
ammonium_enAmmonium AmmoniumAll planets
quartz_enQuartz QuartzAll planets
laterite_enLaterite LateriteAll planets
malachite_enMalachite MalachiteSylva Sylva - Mountains
Calidor Calidor - Caves
wolframite_enWolframite WolframiteCalidor Calidor - Mountains
Desolo Desolo - Caves
astronium_enAstronium AstroniumAll planets

Generation of atmospheric resources

hydrogen_enHydrogen HydrogenVesania Vesania - 100
Sylva Sylva - 75
Calidor Calidor - 50
Novus Novus - 25
sulfur_enSulfur SulfurCalidor Calidor - 100
Atrox Atrox - 75
Activating the core of Calidor: EXPLOSIVE POWDER

Information and activation of Calidor

There are six Gateway Engines (portals, gates) on Calidor, and to activate the planet’s core, you need to activate at least one of them. Afterwards, with two Explosive Powders, you can proceed towards the core. By using two Explosive Powders, you will obtain two Geometric Triptychs. Install one in the core and take the other to an unknown satellite.

Resources on Calidor spawn with varying probabilities, but one significant reason to visit Calidor is for Malachite.

Renewable energy

  • Solar power: abundant
  • Wind power: low


  • Unable to drill the soil?
    For Calidor, you need to create a Drill Mod or install a Drill on a rover.
  • How to activate the blue structures (portals) on planets?
    They are Gateway Engines, and to activate them, you need 12 units/second of power. You can use three RTGs as a power source.
  • How to activate the core of Calidor?
    1-Activate at least one Gateway Engine on the planet.
    2-Reach the core and insert one Explosive Powder into it.
    3-Obtain a Geometric Triptych from the powder.
    4-Insert the Geometric Triptych on the opposite side of the core in the slot (on the ceiling).
    5-To complete the game, you need to create another Geometric Triptych and place it on an unknown satellite in space.

Life hacks

  • For efficient extraction of Malachite without a main base on Calidor, use Oxygen Filters. They will allow you to traverse long distances in search of valuable resources without needing tethers for oxygen support.
  • When activating the core of Calidor, take two Explosive Powders with you. By creating two Geometric Triptychs, use one for activation and keep the other for the unknown satellite.