УглеродCarbon is a refined resource in Astroneer. Carbon is created in the smelting furnace by smelting organic material. It can be used as fuel for the medium power generator without crafting. If placed in the research chamber, it will yield 75 bytes.

Crafting Carbon

ProcessingReceived itemRequired resources
Carbon CarbonOrganic Organic


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  • How to make Carbon in Astroneer? How to obtain Carbon in Astroneer?
    Carbon can be made on any planet as organic material is found everywhere. In the early stages of the game, organic material can be found on the surface and needs to be smelted in a Smelting Furnace. The Smelting Furnace needs to be unlocked first for 250 Bytes.

Interesting facts

  • If you place Carbon in the Research Chamber and analyze it completely, you will receive 70 Bytes. The research speed will be 30 Bytes per minute.