ГлинаClay is a natural resource found in reddish-brown pyramid-shaped clusters and can be found on any planet. It is commonly excavated using a terrain tool and is typically abundant near forests and hills. To process clay, it needs to be placed in a smelting furnace.

Clay deposit

Sylva SylvaFound ✓
Desolo DesoloFound ✓
Calidor CalidorFound ✓
Vesania VesaniaFound ✓
Novus NovusFound ✓
Glacio GlacioFound ✓
Atrox AtroxFound ✓

Additional source of clay

  • Using the centrifuge
    A Full Centrifuge (2 Small Soil Canisters) produces 6 clay.
  • Using the trade platform
    The Trade Platform provides 2 clay for 1 scrap. A maximum of 4 scrap can be used for one trade, resulting in 8 clay.


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  • How to obtain clay in Astroneer?
    You can obtain clay on any planet in Astroneer by using the terrain tool. Simply point it at clay deposits and excavate them. When you have accumulated enough clay, it will appear in your inventory as the resource “Clay.”

Interesting facts

  • If you place clay in the research chamber in Astroneer and fully analyze it, you will receive 75 bytes. The research speed will be 30 bytes per minute.