СоединениеCompound is a crucial natural resource, serving as one of the primary building blocks in construction. It can be found on any planet, albeit with varying levels of rarity, or produced through the use of a centrifuge. Additionally, compound can be obtained by exchanging it for scrap metal. Clusters of light gray spheres emitting a soft blue glow represent the typical form in which compound is generated.

Compound deposit

Sylva SylvaFound ✓
Desolo DesoloFound ✓
Calidor CalidorFound ✓
Vesania VesaniaFound ✓
Novus NovusFound ✓
Glacio GlacioFound ✓
Atrox AtroxFound ✓

Additional compound source

  • Using the centrifuge
    A Full Centrifuge (2 small soil canisters) produces 8 compounds.
  • Using the trade platform
    The trade platform gives 2 compounds for 1 scrap. Maximum of 4 scraps for one trade, resulting in 8 compounds.


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  • How to obtain Compound in Astroneer?
    Compound can be obtained on any planet by using a terrain tool. Simply point it at a compound deposit and excavate it.
    When enough compound has been collected, it will appear in the inventory as “Compound” resource.

Interesting facts

  • If you place Compound in the research chamber and fully analyze it, you will receive 50 bytes. The research speed will be 20 bytes/min.