МедьCopper is a refined resource in Astroneer. Copper can be obtained by smelting malachite in a smelting furnace. In the early stages of development, copper can be found quickly in the mountains of Silva.

Copper crafting

ProcessingReceived itemRequired resources
Copper CopperMalachite Malachite


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  • How to make Copper in Astroneer? How to obtain Copper in Astroneer?
    Copper can be crafted from Malachite on Silva and Calidor. In the early stages, it is sufficient to search the mountains of Silva to find Malachite and smelt it in the Smelting Furnace. Prior to that, you will need to unlock the furnace for 250 bytes.

Interesting facts

  • If you place Copper in the Research Chamber, upon completing its full analysis, you will receive 200 bytes. The research speed will be 80 bytes per minute.