Desolo – the moon of the planet Sylva, is small in size with a very thin atmosphere. It is not possible to collect atmospheric resources on Desolo, as the atmosphere is too sparse. However, there is enough density for a light breeze, which can turn wind turbines. Solar energy, on the other hand, can be collected in large quantities.

Desolo has many craters filled with plants, serving as a good source of organic material for the small generator. The main resource on Desolo is Wolframite, which, when smelted, yields Tungsten and is necessary for the early stages of the game. It is likely that your first flight will be to Desolo.

Once the moon’s core is activated, you can teleport to other activated planets (to their cores). From there, you can teleport to the Gateway Engine.

Generation of natural resources

compound_enCompound CompoundEverywhere
resin_enResin ResinEverywhere
clay_enClay ClayIn craters
organic_enOrganic OrganicIn craters
graphite_enGraphite GraphiteRandom generation
ammonium_enAmmonium AmmoniumPlenty on the surface
quartz_enQuartz QuartzRandom generation
laterite_enLaterite LateriteIn the caves
sphalerite_enSphalerite SphaleriteIn the caves
wolframite_enWolframite WolframiteOn a surface
astronium_enAstronium AstroniumNear the core
Activating the core of Desolo: ZINK

Information and activation of Desolo

Desolo has two Gateway Engines (portals) that, once activated, allow teleportation between the two activated gateways. To activate the moon’s core, at least one Gateway Engine needs to be activated. To do this, power the gateways with 8 units of power, which can be achieved using two RTGs. Descend to the core and collect two Zinc. Placing the Zinc in any core slot will yield a geometric triptych. Insert one triptych into the moon’s core, located above (on the ceiling), and take the second triptych with you to set it up for the unknown satellite.


  • How to activate Desolo?
    1-Activate the Gateway Engine on the surface of Desolo.
    2-Insert Zinc into Desolo’s core and obtain a geometric triptych.
    3-Place the triptych on the opposite side of the core (on the ceiling).

Life hacks

  • There is a lot of Ammonium on Desolo, so don’t forget to bring an ample supply with you to avoid searching for it in the forests of Sylva.