АлмазDiamond – a composite resource in Astroneer. It can be obtained in the chemical laboratory from two Graphenes. To do this, you need to install a chemical laboratory and place two Graphenes in the crafting slots. Once the diamond is ready, it will appear in the chemical laboratory. When researching a diamond in the research chamber, you will receive 850 bytes.

Craft diamond

ProcessingReceived itemRequired resources
Алмаз АлмазGraphene Graphene x2


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  • Where to find diamonds in Astroneer? How to craft diamonds in Astroneer?
    It’s very simple. Install a chemical laboratory, place two Graphenes in it, and wait. After a short period of time, you will obtain a diamond.

Interesting facts

  • If you place a diamond in the research chamber, upon completing the analysis, you will receive 850 bytes. The research speed will be 340 bytes/minute.