Glacio – a cold, icy planet in Astroneer. Its surface is composed of large, smooth patches but has significant variations in elevation. With well-formed roads, it is convenient to traverse using vehicles and especially on foot. Glacio receives limited sunlight, contributing to its cold climate and the presence of strong, frigid winds.

This icy planet is known for its ease of extracting hematite, and for experienced players, it is rich in research bytes that can be collected from stalagmites in caves. Oxygen can be obtained from oxygen filters crafted along the way using resin.

Generation of natural resources

compound_enCompound CompoundAll planets
resin_enResin ResinAll planets
clay_enClay ClayAll planets
organic_enOrganic OrganicAll planets
graphite_enGraphite GraphiteAll planets
ammonium_enAmmonium AmmoniumAll planets
quartz_enQuartz QuartzAll planets
laterite_enLaterite LateriteAll planets
hematite_enHematite HematiteGlacio Glacio - surface
Novus Novus - caves
titanite_enTitanite TitaniteVesania Vesania - mountains
Glacio Glacio - caves
astronium_enAstronium AstroniumAll planets

Generation of atmospheric resources

argon_enArgon ArgonGlacio Glacio - 100
Vesania Vesania - 50
Activating the core of Glacio: DIAMOND

Information and activation of Glacio

Glacio has six cosmic nodes on its surface, also known as teleporters or gates. To unlock the planet’s core, at least one cosmic node must be activated with 26 U/s of power for 30 seconds. Afterwards, you can descend to the core with a diamond. Inserting the diamond will yield a geometric signature that needs to be placed on the opposite side of Glacio’s core.

Renewable energy

  • Solar power: limited
  • Wind power: abundant


  • Does the soil burrow?
    To navigate Glacio effectively, it is necessary to create a drill mod or install a drill on the rover.
  • How to activate the blue objects (portals) on planets?
    These are cosmic nodes, and to activate them, you need to supply 26 U/s of power for 30 seconds.
  • How to activate the core of Glacio?
    1-Activate at least one cosmic node on the planet.
    2-Reach the core and insert one diamond.
    3-Obtain a geometric signature from the diamond.
    4-Place the geometric signature on the opposite side of the core, in the designated slot (on the ceiling).
    5-To progress in the game, you will need to create another geometric signature and place it on a satellite in space.

Life hacks

  • Glacio is the best planet for mining hematite. You can fly there with an empty inventory, just don’t forget the drill mod.
  • Glacio is also the best planet for manually collecting research bytes from stalagmites in caves. You can fly there without any resources, but make sure to carry resin to craft oxygen filters along the way. Bring a few filters and a drill mod. In approximately 30 minutes, you can gather 50,000 bytes.