ГелийHelium is an atmospheric resource in Astroneer. It can be collected using an Atmospheric Condenser on Atrox. Helium has a very low concentration (25 units), and it takes a significant amount of time to create a single canister of gas. The helium container has an indicator on top that shows the remaining amount, divided into 5 segments, and it can be used in crafting 5 times.

Helium deposit

Atrox Atrox25


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  • Where to find helium? How to make (craft) helium?
    Helium can be collected only on Atrox using an Atmospheric Condenser. Once you provide it with power, the condenser will start creating containers filled with helium.
  • Can I collect helium on one planet while playing on another?
    Yes, you can. Helium will continue to be collected even if you are on a different planet.

Interesting facts

  • If you place helium in the research chamber, you will receive 500 bytes upon completing its analysis. The research speed will be 200 bytes per minute. This means that you can infinitely generate bytes from energy.