ГематитHematite is a natural resource in Astroneer. Hematite is generated in the form of reddish-black crystalline spikes in caves on Novus and in the icy dunes and mantle layers on Glacio. It has one Tier 1 attachment slot.

Life Hack: If you’re traveling to a planet specifically for hematite, it’s easier to find it on the surface of Glacio.

Hematite deposit

Novus NovusFound ✓
Glacio GlacioFound ✓

Additional source of hematite

  • Using the trade platform
    The trade platform provides 2 hematite for 3 scrap. The maximum trade is 6 scrap for a total of 6 hematite.


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  • How to obtain hematite in Astroneer?
    Hematite can be obtained on Novus and Glacio by using the Terrain Tool (commonly known as the “vacuum” tool). Simply aim it at the hematite deposits and excavate them. When you accumulate enough clusters, the resource “Hematite” will appear in your inventory.

Interesting facts

  • If you place hematite in the research chamber, you will receive 200 bytes upon its full analysis. The research speed will be 80 bytes per minute.