ГидразинHydrazine – a composite resource in Astroneer. It can be obtained in the Chemical Lab by combining two Ammonium and Hydrogen. To craft Hydrazine, you need to install a Chemical Lab and place Hydrogen and two Ammonium in the crafting slots. Once the Hydrazine is ready, it will appear in the Chemical Lab.

Hydrazine is a unique resource in Astroneer. It is the only composite resource that not only serves as an ingredient but is also a final product. It is the only liquid in the game and the only non-solid composite resource. Hydrazine is used for refueling Hydrazine Thrusters, the Hydrazine Jetpack, and the Soil Centrifuge.

  • One canister of Hydrazine provides approximately 12.7 seconds of engine runtime, assuming it is not used on a shuttle.
  • A canister of Hydrazine provides approximately 133 seconds of flight time with the Hydrazine Jetpack.
  • One canister of Hydrazine provides approximately 266 seconds of flight time with the Soil Centrifuge, which is twice as long as the Jetpack..
  • A canister has a capacity of 8 units.
    Liftoff and interplanetary travel consume 1 unit per action, while landing does not require fuel consumption.

Craft hydrazine

ProcessingReceived itemRequired resources
Hydrazine  HydrazineAmmonium Ammonium x2
Hydrogen Hydrogen


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  • Where to find Hydrazine in Astroneer? How to craft Hydrazine in Astroneer?
    It’s quite simple. Install a Chemical Lab, place two Ammonium and Hydrogen in it, and wait. After a short period of time, you will obtain Hydrazine.

Interesting facts

  • Hydrazine is an explosive item. Although it does not explode on its own, it significantly enhances the explosion caused by Dynamite. It is also not recommended to place Hydrazine in the Smelting Furnace as it will cause an explosion.
  • When landing on Atrox, the explosive plants can detonate your Hydrazine Thruster.
  • Partially used Hydrazine can be used in crafting Graphene.