ЖелезоIron is a refined resource in Astroneer. Iron is obtained by smelting hematite in a smelting furnace. If you place iron in the research chamber, you will receive 250 bytes.

For quick crafting of the first iron, you need to craft a shuttle and fly to Glacio. On the surface of Glacio, you will find a huge amount of hematite.

Ps: You don’t need to worry about oxygen and energy. Glacio is abundant with hematite on the surface, and you can easily dig it up near your shuttle.

Iron crafting

ProcessingReceived itemRequired resources
Iron IronHematite Hematite


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  • How to make iron in Astroneer? How to obtain iron in Astroneer?
    Iron ore (hematite) can be found on Novus and Glacio, and then the ore needs to be smelted in a smelting furnace. Prior to that, you will need to unlock the furnace for 250 bytes. The easiest way to obtain iron is by mining iron ore on the surface of Glacio.

Interesting facts

  • If you place iron in the research chamber, upon completing its analysis, you will receive 250 bytes. The research speed will be 100 bytes per minute.