МетанMethane – an atmospheric resource in Astroneer. It is created in the atmospheric condenser, where it is concentrated from the atmosphere into storage tanks using energy. Each storage tank has a capacity of 5 units. When crafting, one tank is enough to create 5 items, and the remaining gas is displayed as turquoise bars on top of the tank. Methane can be collected on Novus and Atrox, as these planets have sufficient concentrations for the atmospheric condenser to work with this resource.

Methane is one of the explosive gases in the game. Be careful when handling it with dynamite, and do not place a container with methane in the smelting furnace, as it will cause an explosion.

Methane deposit

Atrox Atrox100
Novus Novus75


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  • Where to find methane in Astroneer? How to make (craft) methane in Astroneer?
    Methane can be found on Novus and Atrox planets in Astroneer. You can collect methane using the Atmospheric Condenser, which requires energy to operate.
  • Can I collect methane on one planet while playing on another?
    Yes, you can. While you are busy with your tasks, the Atmospheric Condenser will continue to collect methane. Make sure to press the circular repeat button on the panel beforehand to allow the gas to concentrate without interruption.
  • What does gas concentration mean? Are they percentages in the table?
    No, it’s not percentages. Gas concentration indicates how quickly the selected resource will be collected and its availability. If the concentration is below 25, the Atmospheric Condenser will not work.
  • Is there a difference in energy consumption depending on the concentration?
    No, the condenser always consumes the same amount of energy, regardless of the concentration.

Любопытные факты

  • If you place methane in the research chamber, you will receive 400 bytes upon its full analysis. The research speed will be 160 bytes per minute. Thus, you can indefinitely produce bytes from energy.
  • Methane is explosive. If it detonates near dynamite or is present in your inventory during an explosion, your character will perish.
  • Jokes and the smelting furnace don’t go well with methane. If it enters the furnace, it will detonate, causing the platform and nearby modules to explode.