Nitrogen is an atmospheric resource in Astroneer. It can be obtained using an Atmospheric Condenser on Silva, Vesania, and Atrox. The Atmospheric Condenser utilizes a storage capacity of 5 units to create and store the gas, requiring no additional resources. The gas can be used in crafting up to 5 times before the container disappears. The circular indicator on the container’s lid shows the remaining gas level. The concentration of nitrogen varies on different planets and moons, ranging from abundant to completely absent.

In the game, the magenta circle (indicator) on the nitrogen canister is divided into five parts and does not have a continuous shape like shown in the image.

Nitrogen is one of the three non-explosive gases.

To create nitrogen and other gases, the Atmospheric Condenser consumes a significant amount of energy. During the early stages of the game when energy is limited, you can set up a separate nitrogen collection system on a dedicated platform with a mini solar or wind power generator.

Regardless of the planet you set up the nitrogen collection on or your location, all modules in Astroneer will continue their operations and resource gathering. Astroneer uses a chunk-based system, but it loads throughout the entire world.

Nitrogen deposit

Sylva Sylva100
Vesania Vesania75
Atrox Atrox50


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  • How to make nitrogen in Astroneer? Where to find nitrogen in Astroneer?
    Nitrogen is a gas in Astroneer. It can only be collected using an Atmospheric Condenser. To do this, you need to know on which planet the concentration of nitrogen is sufficient for collection, have a power source, a platform, and the Atmospheric Condenser itself. Nitrogen can be found on Sylvan, Vesania, and Atrox.
  • Can I collect nitrogen on one planet while playing on another?
    Yes, you can. While you are busy with your activities, the Atmospheric Condenser will continue to work on any planet. Make sure to press the repeat button on the condenser panel so that it collects gas while there is storage available.
  • What does gas concentration mean? Are these percentages in the table?
    Concentration refers to how much gas is present in an equal volume of the atmosphere. Astroneer does not display the true concentration of the atmosphere in percentages, but it is known how many units of gas the condenser shows as available. The higher the reading, the faster the resource is collected.
  • Is there a difference in energy consumption depending on the concentration?
    No, the Atmospheric Condenser consumes the same amount of energy regardless of the planet, the concentration of gas in the atmosphere, or the resource.

Interesting facts

  • If you place nitrogen in the research chamber, upon completing its analysis, you will receive 200 bytes. The research speed will be 80 bytes per minute. Therefore, you can indefinitely produce bytes from energy.
  • Unlike hydrogen, nitrogen is not explosive.