Planets in Astroneer are celestial objects in space with their own unique fauna, generation, soil, atmosphere, flight trajectory, and more.

Currently, the game features five planets and two moons orbiting those planets. As you progress through the game, you will unlock an unknown satellite that is something unique. Although it is called a “moon” in its name, it doesn’t resemble a typical planetary moon.

Planets and moons

PlanetTypeGateway Engine Material
Sylva SylvaPlanetQuartz Quartz
Desolo DesoloSilva's MoonZinc Zinc
Calidor CalidorPlanetExplosive Powder Explosive Powder
Vesania VesaniaPlanetGraphene Graphene
Novus NovusVesania's MoonSilicone Silicone
Glacio GlacioPlanetDiamond Diamond
Atrox AtroxPlanetHydrogen Hydrogen

ps: In the game, all players, planets, and moons are referred to as planets, and we will follow that convention as well.

Different planets can have both common resources and special resources generated specifically on certain planets and moons. Many special resources exist on a couple of planets simultaneously, but with one difference: they are generated on the surface and in the caves of different planets. The frequency and quantity of these generated resources will vary between these planets. For example, Hematite is easier to find on the surface of Glacio, while Lithium is found in the caves of Vesania.