Resin is a natural resource generated on all planets in the form of yellowish-golden clusters of tubes. Resin can be extracted using the Terrain Tool.

In the early stages of the game, when the surrounding terrain is less explored, resin can be crafted using Oxygen Filters and spent a significant amount of time exploring forests, mountains, and caves without tethers.

Resin deposit

Sylva SylvaFound ✓
Desolo DesoloFound ✓
Calidor CalidorFound ✓
Vesania VesaniaFound ✓
Novus NovusFound ✓
Glacio GlacioFound ✓
Atrox AtroxFound ✓

Additional source of resin

  • Using the centrifuge
    A Full Centrifuge (2 small soil canisters) produces 8 resin.
  • Using the Trade Platform
    The Trade Platform provides 2 resin for 1 scrap. A maximum of 4 scrap can be used for a single trade, resulting in 8 resin.


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  • How to obtain resin in Astroneer?
    Resin can be obtained on any planet by using the Terrain Tool (in simpler terms, the vacuum cleaner tool). Simply point it at a cluster of resin and dig it up. When enough clusters are accumulated, the resource “Resin” will appear in your inventory.

Interesting facts

  • If you place resin in the research chamber, upon completing its analysis, you will receive 50 bytes. The research speed is 20 bytes per minute.