СфалеритSphalerite is a natural resource in the form of dark purple fractured spheres with sharp crystals. It is generated in caves on Sylvan and in caves and orange mountains on Desolo.

Sphalerite deposit

Sylva SylvaFound ✓
Desolo DesoloFound ✓

Additional source of sphalerite

  • Using the Trade Platform
    The Trade Platform gives 2 Sphalerite for 1 Scrap. A maximum of 4 Scraps can be used for one trade, resulting in 8 Sphalerite.


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  • How to obtain sphalerite in Astroneer?
    To obtain sphalerite in Astroneer, you can use the terrain tool. Simply point the tool at a cluster of sphalerite and extract it. Once you have accumulated enough sphalerite chunks, they will appear in your inventory as a resource called “Sphalerite”.

Interesting facts

  • If you place sphalerite in the research chamber, upon its complete analysis you will receive 100 bytes. The research speed will be 40 bytes per minute.