Sylva – the starting planet in Astroneer. Orbiting Sylva is its lone moon, Desolo. The planet features a moderate climate, pleasant temperatures, and a breathable atmosphere. Sylva is exceptionally balanced for survival, with few obstacles or hostile plants on its surface. It has wind for wind turbine power, sunlight for solar panels, and an abundant supply of organic material for the small generator.

Upon starting the game, the capsule will land on Sylva and deploy the initial base camp with oxygen. The first resources, compound and resin, often generate within sight.

Generation of natural resources

compound_enCompound CompoundEverywhere
resin_enResin ResinEverywhere
clay_enClay ClayNear the hills
organic_enOrganic OrganicOn a surface
graphite_enGraphite GraphiteNear the canyons
ammonium_enAmmonium AmmoniumIn forests
quartz_enQuartz QuartzIn the caves
laterite_enLaterite LateriteIn the caves
sphalerite_enSphalerite SphaleriteIn the caves
malachite_enMalachite MalachiteIn the mountains
astronium_enAstronium AstroniumNear the core

Generation of atmospheric resources

hydrogen_enHydrogen HydrogenVesania Vesania - 100
Sylva Sylva - 75
Calidor Calidor - 50
Novus Novus - 25
nitrogen_enNitrogen NitrogenSylva Sylva - 100
Vesania Vesania - 75
Atrox Atrox - 50
Activating the core of Sylva: QUARTZ

Information and activation of Sylva

Sylva is home to six Gateway Engines (portals) that, once activated, allow teleportation between activated gateways. To activate the core of the planet, at least one Gateway Engine needs to be activated. Connect the gateway to a power source with a total power of 6 units, which can be achieved using three small generators fueled by organic material. Descend to the core and collect two quartz. Placing the quartz in any core slot will yield a geometric triptych. Insert one triptych into the planetary core located above (on the ceiling) and keep the other triptych with you. It will be used later for the unknown satellite.

Resources spawn with varying probabilities, and it is impossible to predict their exact locations, except for Astronium, which generates near the planet’s core.


  • Why can’t I dig the soil?
    The closer you get to the core, the harder the soil becomes. Additionally, the more challenging the planet is for survival, the harder its soil will be.
  • How do I activate the blue structures (portals) on planets?
    Those are Gateway Engines, and they require 6 units/second of power to activate. You can achieve this by connecting three small generators.
  • How do I activate the core of Sylva?
    1-Activate at least one Gateway Engine on the planet.
    2-Reach the core and insert one quartz into it.
    3-Obtain a geometric triptych from the quartz.
    4-Insert the geometric triptych into the opposite side of the core in the designated slot (on the ceiling).
    5-To complete the game, create another geometric triptych and place it on the unknown satellite in space.

Life hacks

  • Malachite is easier to find in the caves of Calidor.
  • Oxygen filters will help you stay mobile and not rely on tethers for an extended period.
  • Don’t rush to craft the medium generator in the early stages; try to find one on the surface in wrecked spaceships or in caves.
  • When activating Sylva, take two quartz. Use one for the core and keep the other for the unknown satellite.