ТитанитTitanite – a natural rare resource in Astroneer. Titanite is generated in the form of tall cylindrical nodes with a green-lime color. It can be found in the caves of Glacio, in mountain biomes, and in the mantle of Vesania. Titanite is used exclusively for creating Titanium.

Titanite deposit

Vesania VesaniaFound ✓
Glacio GlacioFound ✓

Additional source of titanite.

  • Using the Trade Platform
    The Trade Platform provides 1 Titanite for 2 Scrap. The maximum is 4 Titanite for 8 Scrap in a single order.


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  • How to obtain titanium in Astroneer?
    Titanium can be obtained in Astroneer on Vesania and Glacio by using the terrain tool (in simpler terms, the vacuum). Simply point it at a deposit of titanium and excavate it. When enough clusters are accumulated, the resource “Titanium” will appear in the inventory.

Interesting facts

  • If you place titanium in the research chamber, upon completing its analysis, you will receive 200 bytes. The research speed will be 80 bytes per minute.